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  • Tony Majszak, managing partner of the consulting firm Rockit Co., having over 25 years of experience improving operational and financial performance through the application of lean manufacturing practices, is pleased to announce the creation of MI-RIG. MI-RIG specializes in applying lean process improvement techniques to the Oilfield. 
  • ​Mr. Majszak has successfully helped clients drive lean oilfield improvements for processes including but not limited to; BOP testing, Tripping, Rig Moves, Slip and Cut as well as overall drilling performance.


  • Lean Manufacturing is a business process that many companies use to increase speed, identify/eliminate non-value-add costs and improve quality. The "Lean" objective is to help companies and individuals reach their full growth and earnings potential.


  • The Oilfield is far different from a manufacturing plant but where there are processes there is potential waste, inefficiencies and variation. Control the process, eliminate the waste and inefficiencies, and you will drive consistency and achieve improvement.
  • ​The Oilfield offers unique challenges. Having multiple shifts and multiple crews changing out every two to four weeks, it can be near impossible to repeat some tasks with the same group of people. Especially those tasks that happen only once every two weeks or once a month and take a considerable amount of time (e.g. BOP testing, Slip & Cut, and Rig Moves). Consistency is the key to process efficiency, but it can be hard to be consistent with variables in personnel as well as the multiple other variables inherent in the oilfield.
  • ​How do you improve a process that may not be done the same way, may not be measured or completed with the some operators as the last time? Create TOOLS that drive consistency while tracking performance, that's how.


  • ​Today's Oilfield demands that we capture all kinds of data, but are we using this information to effectively manage our processes? Chances are we already collect data that can help us improve consistency but where do we start? MI-RIG brings the tools and a new perspective to quickly analyze your process, review the data you collect, and discover together how it can be used to monitor and improve the process.
  • ​Where the metrics may be inconsistent, untimely or unreliable we have successfully provided simple to use tools to document and track the process. These tools allow us to capture the sequence of events, the time required to complete the process, the operators involved and any noteworthy circumstances.​​



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Lean Process Improvement for the oilfield