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​CHALLENGE: Curved glass plant supplying production to two windshield system assembly plants struggle to meet demand with a 64% on-time delivery rating. Daily last-minute schedule changes to meet "emergency" demands from the assembly plants exacerbated the problem by adding unplanned equipment changeovers.

RESULTS: Three-month assignment identified scheduling issues at the curved glass plant causing excessive changeovers that significantly reduced available capacity. We completed a thorough analysis and documentation of current scheduling and ordering processes, change-over requirements for each oven, and demand by product type, volume and frequency. This analysis identified and prioritized opportunities to group parts with similar attributes and created a rotating changeover schedule to allow processing of any group within 48 hours. We developed an analytical tool to provide the Scheduling Department with the visibility to maximize production runs by linking daily production to future demand data from the MRP system. Previous 6-month on-time delivery for the curved glass plant averaged 64%. On-time delivery improved to 95% the first week after implementation and continues to improve.


CHALLENGE: Fast growing company relying on batch processing and overtime could not meet customer demand.

RESULTS: Four-month assignment completed a redesign of brake pad painting, finishing, and packing operations (plant bottleneck) to enable 30% greater output with existing equipment and personnel. New process design conserved floor space and rationalized product flows into logical families. Altered existing equipment for rapid changeovers (from 20 minutes to 2 minutes). Avoided $1.0 million of contemplated new equipment purchases. Positioned company for significant growth, consistent with strategic objectives.


CHALLENGE:Underperforming processes, quality issues, worn tooling, along with the logistics of managing multiple sub-suppliers forced the OEM to insist on bringing in an interim manager to oversee and take control of the process until model changeover ended production with the current supplier. The supplier was often on the verge of shutting down production at the OE due to their many issues.

RESULTS: Our professional quickly analyzed the process, met with the sub-suppliers and immediately built a SharePoint workspace to allow all team members to share daily production and inventory levels. An excel tool was also developed to input daily production, scrap rates and inventory levels for each supplier to ensure enough supply in the pipeline to meet demand without building any excessive WIP due to the impending end of production. The OE was never forced to shut down, the suppliers quality rating improved and final production was completed with a minimum of excess inventory.

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