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In today's manufacturing environment we have the capability to capture large amounts of data, we have to continuously ask ourselves, are we collecting the right data and are we using it to effectively manage the process. We often see organizations that are data-rich but analysis-poor. As busy managers with so much on our plate these days, data analysis is often relegated to the back burner or reserved for "when I get a few extra minutes." We bring the tools and a new perspective to quickly analyze your process, the data you collect and how it is used to monitor and improve the process.

Consistency is the key to any process improvement. Reduce or eliminate process variation and you will certainly increase performance. Unfortunately, process variation is often used as the reason why we can't begin to control the process. When we do start to control those variables we can control, we will see the process improve, attitudes improve and the number of variables decline. Don't let the fact that your process has variables keep you from getting started!


Whenever we invest in new equipment, design a new process, or have a need to meet additional customer demand, we must understand our process capacity as well as its limits. Even if we design a process perfectly matched to produce exactly the number of pieces or parts the customer demands, inevitably, demand will change, it always does. Our Value Stream Mapping experts will provide you with the tools to analyze and quantify your process, and leave you with the ability to quickly adapt to changes in the future.

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