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​​​​​​​The Oilfield offers unique challenges having multiple shifts and multiple crews changing out every two to four weeks, with that in mind, it can be near impossible to repeat some tasks with the same group of people. Especially those tasks that happen once every two weeks or once a month and also take a considerable amount of time (e.g. BOP testing, Slip & Cut, and Rig Moves). Consistency is the key to process efficiency, but it can be hard to be consistent with variables in personnel as well as the multiple other variables inherent in the oilfield. 


Today's oilfield demands that we capture all kinds of data, we have to ask ourselves, are we using this information to effectively manage our processes? Chances are we already collect data that can help us improve consistency but where do we start? Rockit Co brings the tools and a new perspective to quickly analyze your process, review the data you collect, and discover together how it can be used to monitor and improve the process.

Again, consistency is key to any process improvement. Reduce or eliminate process variation and you will certainly increase performance. A typical rig is staffed with four different and ever-evolving crews, people come and go, get promoted etc. this ongoing change makes for a challenging work environment. Crews often perform at different levels and it is not just experience that makes the difference. Minor differences in how tasks are prepared for, and performed, can add up to significant time gained or lost. Rockit Co has had great success building simple tools to help your crews track their performance and see how other crews may do it better. Criticize a crew for performance and you get frustration, show them exactly where they can improve and you get results!


The Oilfield is an expensive place to be. Any down-time, any excess variation in process time costs money, often a significant amount of money. We work on reducing variation throughout your processes. Whether it's a process you do every day or once every two weeks, if there is variation there is opportunity for improvement. Improving consistency and ensuring repeatability leads to reduced costs for you and your customers, simplifies logistics and brings dollars to the bottom line.

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