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What does "MI" stand for?

M = My​ and I = Initiative​​

  • Whether it's MI-RIG or MI-FACTORY, continuous improvement only comes with taking ownership (MY) and initiating change (Initiative).

  • We as process managers struggle with variables everyday, they are often the cause of inefficient processes but that does not mean we have to accept all variables . In fact, the more uncontrolled variables a process has, the more important it is to control those parts of the process we can control!

  • We often hear process owners tell us the process is "too complicated" or has "too many variables" to effectively put controls in place. What we find over and over again is that once you make the decision to control what you can control, many of the variables are reduced or better yet, eliminated completely.

  • Throughout this website you will see additional MI's from Managing Information, to Mobilizing Improvement, to Maximizing Investment and how we target these areas to reach our goals.